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June 14 2016

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Tags: fly fishing

Ocean Fly Fishing Hot Spots Around the Globe

Ocean fly fishing is a great sport. Whether an angler wants to go for a prize winning fish or simply wants to relax, there are plenty of places to go. When basic techniques are learned, it can be fun to fish for the broad array of sea fish available. Some practice before setting sail to the best ocean spots may be necessary. But, many people are finding this method of fishing to provide the challenge they desire.

Equipment selection is important in putting together fly fishing gear for the ocean. For those who don't want to invest in gear, many vacation spots offer charters, complete with equipment rental. If fishing is on the list for the next vacation, this may be a good choice. It helps to know where fly fishing is most ideal, to get the most out of a fishing vacation. Below are some of the top spots and descriptions of the types of fish they offer.

Nova Scotia

Tuna thrive in cooler water, which is what Nova Scotia, Canada offers. The best and largest tuna are caught within a mile offshore. Some record bluefin have been caught in the region. Though most waters are catch and release, anglers may be allowed to keep one or two.


Belize is known for its bonefish and tarpon. Anglers who visit will not have difficulty renting gear or chartering a boat. Most natives speak English. Visitors can choose from local guides to professional outfitters, for their fly fishing experiences.


Malindi, Kenya is known for billfish, of every variety and size. Those who want swordfish, spearfish, and marlin, can try for one of every species or can try for a record breaking catch. There are plenty of hotels and some resorts offer charter trips, for a package deal. FIsh are available year round. But, the best months to go are January and February, which are considered Summer months in this part of the world.

Key West

Key West, Florida is known for fishing of every style. Anglers wont have a hard time finding reasonably-priced gear, if they don't bring their own. This town caters to fisherman and offers plenty of choice in accommodations, from basic cottages, to luxurious bed and breakfast or hotel rooms. 


This country offers fishing for every preference. The main fish available here include tuna, mahi, and wahoo. Anglers can use their fly rods, then choose their top water gear on another day, if desired.
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